Men’s Mental Health Month – Reclaim Your Personal Power – Ep062

Opening your heart is an act of courage. It’s counter to what a lot of men have been taught about masculinity, but the truth is that when you release the emotions that have built up over years of hurt and pain, you make yourself available to love and deeper fulfillment.

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SONG: “Ripples” performed live by The REALM (Kimberly Cain, Brian Miller). ©KBCain, Rhythmic Hips Music (BMI)

Moving painful energy out of your body will help you live with greater ease. Music can be an important tool for facilitating this movement.

There is absolutely no reason to suffer alone or in silence. It’s becoming more acceptable for men to express their emotions in safe spaces with others who care and desire to see you live your most joyful life. Take advantage of the opportunities to heal and grow!

Gun violence is on the rise in the U.S. What must be addressed is the healing of the human spirit – way before a person ever turns that gun onto himself or others.