Who’s Naked? – Ep001

This “welcome” episode of The Naked Vibes Show introduces the “why” behind the show, some clues about what & who you can expect to hear on future episodes, & a bit of background on Kimberly Cain (that’s me, your host).

Show Notes:
7:45 – Song: “Heaven” by Kimberly Cain, from the soundtrack to the novel (available only as a bonus included in the book – get it here: Heaven, the novel & cd or on ITunes as a single.
11:46 – The “why” behind Naked Vibes
14:46 – Excerpts from archived radio show on prayer & meditation
19:20 – Free Chakra Meditation download
19:34 – Free Video from the online course, Beyond Religion: How to Pray & Get Answers
21:21 – Do this after meditating to get your booty movin’!
22:27 – Conversation with Kevin Foresman, former owner of Enlumnia Radio, on Heaven, the novel, & on feminine energy & the importance of the ways it’s reshaping consciousness.
32:44 – Reading – excerpt from Heaven, the novel
42:22 – Song: “Hymn” by Reginald Rueffer (from the soundtrack to Heaven, the novel)