Tune Your Vibes: Courageous Men Embrace Divine Feminine Energy – Ep009

This Tune Your Vibes segment of The Naked Vibes Show will raise your awareness of the Divine Feminine & Masculine Energies. Making the connection will make you a better lover, while also saving the planet. Pretty good deal.

:29 – Show sponsored by RockItU – Rhythmic Movement Meditations. Audio tracks that take you on a journey to awaken your energy for vitality, courage, drive & passion. Especially helpful if you have difficulty quieting your mind. As a performer & a Remo Drums HealthRhythms Facilitator, I’ve seen the powerful & evidence-based shifts in energy that can be created through drumming. Download & play them on good speakers, so you can feel the low end frequencies. Then let me know, in the comments, about your experience using them!

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2:39 – Introduction to the Divine Feminine

3:23– It’s not about feminism, but about balance between masculine & feminine energies – honoring both for bringing peace & wholeness.

3:56 – The Pacific Ocean has 7 million tons of floating plastic. What can you, as one person, do about it?

5:47 -SONG: “Swim” – Madonna

6:17 – Polarities of masculine/feminine. Honor them both.

7:22– UN reports mutilation of female genitalia in immigrant cultures within the U.S. The term “nicks” can be used to refer to the complete removal of the clitoris & labia minora.

8:52 – We need to transform our mindset in regard to the feminine. An easy place to start is with an understanding of Mother Earth. The movie “Avatar” is a gorgeous, entertaining & thought-provoking example.

10:57 – Native American shamans & healers have known, for millennia, the connection to Earth is essential.

12:09 – SONG: “Siren” – Tori Amos from Great Expectations Soundtrack

12:50 – Music is one of the best tools for finding inner strength & personal power. Shy artist as performance powerhouse – Michael Jackson.

13:09 – REMO Health Rhythms – It’s more than a feeling. Their evidence based program shows changes in the blood of test subjects when using their group drumming protocol with elevation of natural cancer-fighting killer cells.

13:39 – Fear of feminine power – in women & men – is lodged in first 3 chakras.

14:38 – Story of woman who couldn’t look at her own body, leaving it up to a doctor, only, to examine her because she thought it was dirty.

16:29 – What image do you conjure when you hear about a “sexually powerful” woman or a “spiritually powerful” woman? Power is not above others, but with others.

17:14 – Our sexuality is basic to who we are, yet deeply mysterious

17:35 – SONG: “Black Coffee” – Everlast

18:02 – SONG: “Closer” – Nine Inch Nails

18:33 – Trent Reznor adept at expressing sexual/spiritual confusion

19:07 – Potent energies being awakened in our culture. Your body is your vehicle. Music is a primordial vibration, so it moves us in powerful ways. Meditation – consider standing naked before a mirror with an attitude of gratitude. Love & honor yourself.

22:20 – SONG: “Hari Om, Shiva Om” – Deva Premal

22:59 – Make your movements interesting & fun, like a whirling dervish! It will get you in touch with the Divine Feminine.

23:21 – Be willing to allow yourself to let go, without judgment, so your Higher Self can speak with you, unhindered.

23:57 – Power in waiting to receive. It’s the creative process – & music is an amazing way to start understanding how the active & passive energies work together. You can use music, intentionally, to create shifts that move you out of discouragement, confusion, anxiety, & fear – & into courage, productivity, greater energy levels & joy. Rhythmic Movement Meditations are the perfect tool.

25:07 – Watch this video, on NakedVibes.com, of an attorney who shifted from anxiety during a long job transition & into a knowledge of his own personal power in less than 30 days, by using these Rhythmic Movement Meditations. He credits this as one of the primary tools that gave him the courage & energy to present himself more fearlessly & landed him a position as a corporate VP.

 Todd Watson – Attorney, Vice President, Marco’s Franchising

25:32 – There’s no guarantee that you’ll get a new job or relationship when you use these Rhythmic Movement Meditations, but using them can help you gain new perspectives. And that may create dramatic shifts in your life. Let me know how they work for you!

27:50 – The Naked Vibes Show blends ideas about God, sex, money & other things that may not seem to mix so easily in our culture & daily conversations. The intention is to raise awareness of our wholeness, while also entertaining.

28:07 – Heaven, a novel is about the nature of God as seen through the eyes of Eve, an exotic dancer. Eve questions accepted religious norms & generally revels in the freedom of her body as connected to the power of her spirit. She often sees herself as a light in a dark world. It’s a fictional story, yet it contains much non-fictional information on the ideas of reuniting the perceived separation of sex & spirit.

28:49 – READING: from Heaven, a novel – EXPLICIT – If offended by “F” & “P” words, consider the “why” behind the offense. Often the offense is less about the word & more about the energy & intent behind it. You might find you can let go of offenses & reclaim your personal power!

38:52 – Guitar Solo – Get the whole song on ITunes. “Breathe” – Kelly Brown & Local Honey from Late Bloomer.

39:02 – LIVE MUSIC: “She” unplugged – The REALM

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