Damian Keyes – Musician, Entrepreneur, Founder DK-MBA – Music & Conversation – Ep034

Guitarist / Bass Player, Damian Keyes, founded the largest private music university in the world and now teaches musicians how to be successful, and sell music online, through his DK-MBA program. He has toured with Eric Clapton and Alanis Morissette and considers music an integral part of his life purpose. He knows the value of serving others and shines as an example of leading with an open heart and the kind of powerful masculine presence that’s greatly needed today.

Damian Keyes - founder DK-MBA
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Damian has played bass alongside drummers Taylor Hawkins and Billy Cobham and has shared the stage with rock legends aplenty. He packs a powerhouse of information on how to use micro content to grow your brand and business in this episode. He’s an expert at teaching musicians how to sell music online. You’ll also hear him talk about music as part of overall life purpose and spirituality, what he missed most while on tour, and funny stories about his entry into the musician’s life.

Both new and seasoned entrepreneurs can learn a lot from his savvy business mind. But, most impressive, is his generosity and genuine caring for his community. Damian is an educator and loves to share what he’s learned. You might want to bring a notepad to the table for this episode!

Show Notes will be posted soon!