Why Men Should Sharpen Intuition for Success & High-Level Awareness – Ep033

Men with the courage to develop their intuition are setting themselves up for success through higher levels of awareness and creativity, leading to greater professional success and more satisfying relationships. Guys, you already have the tools built in. Why not develop what ya got?


Highlights from this episode:

• Communal celebrations honor deceased loved ones and acknowledge the mystery of death.
• Men who feel a stigma about “soft” inner work can find opportunity to develop a more formidable “armor” in connecting to deeper mysteries.
• It’s healthy and empowering for men to be able to tell their stories of “the unknown” in a safe, trusted environment.
• Why developing intuitive skills is more powerful, practical and actionable than gut instincts. 
• Learn how to access your natural male intuition

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 Full Transcript:

I love Halloween! It’s that time. And I am set! With crazy bags of candy and possibly a witch costume. We’ll see about that. Then we have Dia de los Muertos a couple of days after that.

I found a fun read about different celebrations around the world for honoring deceased loved ones. There are a lot of beautiful, fanciful, magical traditions – and one thing is clear – we all have a need to remember those who came before us in some way. And some of these traditions were born out of a need to acknowledge death or transition – because it is an inevitable part of our lives.

Halloween was born out of the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain to mark the beginning of winter. The Celts believed this time to be a marker for spirits to come out and destroy their vegetation, leaving a barren winter landscape. So, they would leave food and wine on their doorsteps to appease the spirits and wear masks, if they left the house, to blend in with them. In the 19th Century, Irish and Scottish immigrants in America began to revive these traditions with more of an emphasis on the trick-or-treating, rather than the religious introspection from their ancestry.

I found a fun read online at Smithsonian Magazine that lists seven festivals around the world if you’re interested in traveling to exotic places for their festivals of music and dancing – like the Obon Festival in Japan, where you see beautiful floating lanterns on the rivers, or Gai Jatra in Kathmandu.

A lot of our festivals have evolved into fun, with a blend of fear – because of our human experience with the unknown. We don’t know what we don’t know and that’s spooky! But, along with the fun, there’s a very real need to connect with the mystery of death – of “what happened” to our loved ones – to the question of “where they are” and “where will I go?”

4:32 – I’ve talked with a lot of men who really want to talk about these deeper mysteries, but don’t because…who are they gonna talk to? There’s a suppression in our culture, because we like to focus on the lighter, more fun side of life. And, especially for men, there’s the expectation of knowing how to fix things, how to handle things…but guess, what? Death will not be “handled”. It has its own say. And, if you leave it there, that can make you feel really powerless. HOWEVER…what you can handle is your perspective and your response.

Because there is a power so much greater than death…and that is Love. And the power you have, personally, is the ability to tap into Love – which overcomes ALL things – death and all manner of things that go bump in the night…like anxiety and worry and fear – be/c those are monsters unto themselves – and they can raise their heads on any given day or time…for any one of us. Male intuition is powerful; it needs to be honored and developed by more men.

5:43 – SONG: “Tell Me Walker” from Frankly Scarlet, Oh Yeah – Get it on Apple Music

10:50 – We have access to Divine help at all times. It’s up to us to connect with our intuition, to be receptive to it.

Transition points in life and in nature lower the veil…make it less dense. So, it’s easier to access your intuitive abilities. Your job is to pay attention.

Right now, the veil is thin, because we’re in seasonal transition. 

11:17 – This is what I mean. An experience of knowing that a person – not close to me – had passed on. She was an acquaintance – a friend of a friend I had only met twice and years earlier. Her name was Cindy. I was standing at kitchen sink, getting a glass of water… and suddenly, I saw her in my mind’s eye. She looked straight at me and said, “Tell Lisa to get her sh*t together!” I knew, instantly, that Cindy had just passed – and that news was confirmed the next day – it had happened at the same time she appeared to me.

I did pass the message on to my friend and she said, “That sounds just like Cindy!” And she felt like it was a powerful message she needed to hear. Cindy had apparently been counseling her to stop messing around or she was going to lose her husband.

I find it interesting that, though Cindy had probably told her this in life…my friend found it more powerful to hear it coming from her beyond the veil. Ponder that.

12:28 – I told this, or a similar story, when speaking to a men’s group and as usual, a few guys reached out to me. One said, “I wish I could tap into that – to be able to have those experiences.” I shared some ways he could open up the possibilities. He, like most guys I know, had always felt awkward talking about it – and more, about doing the work of becoming more receptive. Or had never really heard anything about how to use his intuition. Anything he had heard before just sounded too woo-woo to be practical – or it just didn’t feel like a masculine thing to do – he felt like he was dropping his guard. What he didn’t realize is how much more “armored” he could feel by opening up his sixth sense, his male intuition.

13:15 – Another guy in that same audience, became a coaching client, because hearing me talk about it, in such a practical and useful way, he knew he could share some experiences he hadn’t ever told anyone else about – not even his wife! Wow, guys! That’s what’s really spooky here! That is a HUGE secret to carry – and it’s all because of a culture of shame around claiming your sixth sense! Your intuitive abilities are vital to your Wholeness. No one would shame you for saying you have a heightened sense of smell or good eye-sight! And that needs to change. It’s vital for your health and well-being. Developing your sixth sense is not about being able to see ghosts! It’s about being able to receive and interpret information that’s coming to you from a non-physical plane. And, honestly, that’s where your most powerful intel is coming from. Yes, you sometimes need to verify it in the mental or physical plane, but the non-physical or metaphysical is always providing you with what you need and like most people, you’ve closed it off just because you don’t understand it – or because you feel alone, because it challenges your sense of intelligence, or because it touches into emotions that you don’t want to deal with. 

14:32 – My dad, felt the same way at times, though he was a very spiritual person and life-long Bible teacher. As he got older, though, he became more and more interested in male intuition because he felt safe discussing his own experiences with me – he knew I wasn’t going to judge him or think he was ridiculous for entertaining the idea that his vision of his deceased mother coming to comfort him was as real as he felt it to be. He could see her and hear her voice as if she was in the room with him…and most of all, he could feel her love and her comforting presence.

And in his last days, he was very tuned in!! I’ll share those stories with you inside my new private group, called The REALM. I’ll put a link in the show notes on NakedVibes.com. I really encourage you to join me there because we all need a tribe – a safe space where we can be seen for who we are, get information about the deeper things that contribute to our health and wholeness, and to have some fun with it all! So, yeah…there will be music in there, for sure.

15:36 – In the last episode, with guitarist Mark Thomas, he talked about how different men are from women when it comes to opening up to creative energy, so a stigma keeps men from tapping into this higher level of awareness, of male intuition.

I can help you with that. Because yes, you guys do approach it differently, and I love to see you thrive as you recognize that you can trust your male intuition (beyond your gut instincts) – and accept it as a strength and courage that will open you up to much more happiness. You’ll hear some great examples of how it works in that conversation with Mark, so go back and take a listen to that.

Men with the courage to look beyond the stigma of developing their intuition as a “soft” trait are setting themselves up for higher levels of awareness and creativity, leading to greater professional success and more satisfying relationships. Guys, you already have the tools built in. Why not develop what ya got?

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That “thing” is what you need to be bringing with you – everywhere you show up – in your work and in your relationships, so you can be aligned with your core self. That’s when your life becomes fulfilling.

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18:30 – Let’s set emotions to the side – your feelings about it, your judgments on it. And let’s look at it from the angle of gut instincts. Because that’s something that doesn’t rub the wrong way as a masculine man….when I say it. Gut instincts aren’t the same as male intuition, but closely related.

You know if makes sense to pay attention to gut, but you can level it up by understanding more about your intuition and allowing that gut instinct to become more powerful, usable, and reliable.

19:01 – It’s Halloween – a great time to talk about this. Lots of fun!

I want to see you dive into understanding your intuition better so you can feel, or sense, what goes bump in the night before it ever bumps. Yeah. That makes a huge difference in your relationships, in your work. Think about that. Knowing, going into a meeting that what you had planned to talk about…you just feel a vibe in the air before the meeting starts and instead of diving into what you were going to do, now…you’re shifting your gears and you’re going to approach it a little differently. Because someone in that room has got something going on who needs to hear you speak in a different way. And, if you had approached it in the way you had planned, they wouldn’t have heard it. But, by shifting gears, because you felt something…now, you’re seen and heard.

20:01 – Or, in your relationships at home. You walk in the door and you can feel, in the air, that something is amiss. You know what I’m talking about here! And, if you don’t, you need to stop and take some time to weed out all of the extra noise going on in your life…to get quiet and to start noticing some things. The best way to do it is to start noticing nature, what’s around you. And to dive into music and see how it makes you feel.

20:40 – If you’re a man of faith…I get that this could feel a little too woo-woo for you – a little outside the lines of what you’re “allowed” to be thinking about in your faith journey. I can assure you it’s all in the same bucket and you’re safe in it. We can talk more deeply about male intuition inside The REALM.

21:00 – One way you can access your intuition is through music – using it as a tool, intentionally. I was just listening to John Legend, “Who Did That to You” from the Django Unchained Soundtrack. It’s a real mysterious sound. Look that one up – take a listen. Turn it up, sit back and listen. I’m curious to know how it makes you feel. Which is different from what you think about it. Pay attention to how your body feels when you’re listening to it. I’d love to know what comes up for you!

It’s a perfect feel for Halloween.

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Go to NakedVibes.com and sign up for it. We’re gonna have some fun. And you can cancel it at any time. I hope you’ll be a part of what shapes this tribe, though. Because I created it for you…for the successful, creative guy who needs and wants an outlet to connect with other guys who are also there to master their lives, so they can get more out of their intimate relationships and more out of life in general…out of their careers. And to feel a greater sense of satisfaction and happiness. And guys who love music, because as Mark Thomas said, in the last podcast episode, “Music makes everything work better.”

23:15 – Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, a largely Mexican holiday full of joyful celebration rather than mourning for dead loved ones is associated with All Saints Day, All Souls Day. So, connect into this time where the veil is thin. Pay attention to how your body feels – if you get chills when you hear or see something, if you just have a general feeling that there’s something you should pay attention to. Take note. This is your male intuition working within you. It will get stronger as you learn to use it. Meditate. Pray.

23:59 – My unreleased song, “Dark Sky” is about the safety of getting grounded in the mystery. Of being human. But, also, knowing that we’re not from here. We come from a much greater place and we will return there.

SONG: “Dark Sky” by Kimberly Cain, The REALM ©Rhythmic Hips Music, BMI

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