Quickie – Instant gratification won’t give you what you want – Ep058

We see something beautiful and think “I want that now”. Instant gratification. We often want to experience what “the other guy” seems to have without investing in the journey. But, is that really what we desire on a soul level?

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In this episode:
What we’re all seeking is a connection to deeper meaning, to beauty, to the intrinsic value of our souls. But, we often confuse these deeper desires with surface level distractions.

Harvard University’s long-running study on happiness shows that men are more fulfilled when they feel a sense of purpose, are engaged in meaningful work, altruism and connection to loved ones than with simply pursuing more “stuff”.

Ralph Marston, publisher of The Daily Motivator, visits with me in this excerpt from a recording where we discussed the value of commitment to cultivating beauty, art, creative endeavors and contributions to the world that may take a lifetime, or longer, to bear fruit. You’ll hear stories about two garden sanctuaries that took decades to cultivate by men who were dedicated to the journey of their own soul’s calling and the satisfaction it gave them. The results have provided joy for many thousands of people who have had the pleasure to visit them.

You’ll also learn two exercises to stop your mental chatter and shift gears, simply by using the sound of your voice or with the rhythm of “body beats”. Music is medicine!

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