Series: Master your energy to quantum leap into greater confidence & deeper satisfaction – Pt 6 – Brow Chakra / Third Eye – Intuition, Going Beyond the 5 Senses – Ep057

The sixth energy center in your body, the Brow Chakra, is known as the Third Eye. Developing your intuition is one of the most beneficial practices you can engage in, because it elevates your ability to solve problems with greater ease and flow. Think of it as your other five senses on steroids. And, so much more!

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10:00 – Our bodies translate low frequency sound waves, below the human range of hearing, as a full body experience. This is “infrasound”, used by whales to communicate with one another across the ocean!

12:45 – The difference between low frequencies that feel good to the body and those that don’t – like the sensory experience I had at a Genesis concert! Understanding how frequencies affect your body can help you heal more easily and prevent you from experiencing more discomfort than you have to, because you’re more aware and can make informed choices for your well-being.

15:30 – Review of the energy centers in previous episodes in the series.

20:00 – Even if you don’t know the Chakra system, you’ve probably heard of the Third Eye. This is the psychic energy center, also known as the Brow Chakra because it’s located between the eyes. We all have psychic abilities. You can think of it as the five senses on steroids. It’s simply the ability to experience energy on a more elevated level.

23:00 – Learning to trust your intuition can help you cut through a lot of BS and more easily solve problems. Too much energy built up in this area can cause headaches, confusion, and overthinking. Exercise helps to alleviate this by moving the energy throughout the body and releasing it.

27:20 – Learn to discern whether the energy you’re feeling is your own or if it’s something you’re picking up from others.

30:12 – Being responsible for taking actions to feel the way you want to feel, instead of staying in the energy of fear, loss, grief, anxiety and depression.

31:50 – The higher vibration of Love and the connection to God through the Christ energy.

34:00 – Learning to use your intuition in practical ways, such as finding “lost” objects, saves time and energy. When you learn to identify your inner voice, you can access it and use it in practical ways. Trusting yourself is a practice. And it’s fun! Losing your keys need not cause a panic, even if you’re in a hurry! The feeling of calm, instead of panic, is priceless.

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Why is that important? Because if you want to live at your highest level of excellence and joy, you have to become more aware of yourself and the energy you’re generating. You have the power to master that. To be the master of your own body, your own reality.

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