Quickie – Keeping your dreams alive & the courage to step into the unknown – Refresher with Guitarist & Entrepreneur, Mark Thomas – Ep053

Excerpt from a conversation with Guitarist & Entrepreneur, Mark Thomas, on the courage to let go of the familiar, “sure thing”, & step into the unknown arena of your dreams. Mark will inspire you to trust yourself in order to thrive.

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In this episode:
Men in a black and white thinking pattern struggle to enjoy life by seeing their dreams and desires in the past and their present responsibilities as the only choice, leading them to burn-out, depression and anxiety.

When Mark Thomas didn’t take time to play guitar due to other responsibilities, he became frustrated. Growing up listening to the radio led him to want to learn to play guitar at an early age. So, getting back to it was key to putting him in the right mindset to start his own business.

His company, Thomas Media, was formed through understanding right timing with the right people as partners and has been a successful outgrowth of his creative approach to relationships with customers.

The journey of being an entrepreneur or small business person can be scary because the success of your career is on your shoulders. But, having the courage to do it, in the face of fear, is worth it.

Now Mark enjoys the success of his band, The Mojo Brothers, and performing live as an integral part of who he is at his core. The energy of creativity brings him joy and allows him to thrive.


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