Mayor George Fuller & Maylee Thomas Fuller – Live Music & Conversation – Ep020

Where they go, Love goes. Songs & stories from Maylee Thomas & George Fuller.

Naked Vibes TV - Kimberly Cain with McKinney, Texas Mayor George Fuller & Maylee ThomasThis husband & wife team are a dynamic duo, performing together for years as the Maylee Thomas band & now leading the city of McKinney, Texas as Mayor & First Lady. We cover everything from Mayor George Fuller’s nonpartisan platform & Maylee’s Love Life Foundation, which both serve as a mission to unite their community, to the secrets of a spicy marriage & what it takes to rock a satisfying sex life. Maylee & George perform live songs & share great stories & insights at their McKinney music venue & shop, The Guitar Sanctuary. Get ready for some fun!

Enjoy the show on NAKED VIBES TV:

Show Notes:
11:41 – LIVE MUSIC: “I Keep Falling”

31:57 – SONG: “Texas Home”

55:14 – “Crazy’s What I Need”

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Guitar Sanctuary, McKinney, TXLook at all the toys they’ve got at The Guitar Sanctuary! See the walls of guitars & more on Naked Vibes TV.