Men Can Feel Relief and Joy in Sharing Their Experiences of Grief – Ep030

I was recently at a podcasting convention, Podcast Movement, where I got to see a lot of cool new recording gear and meet a lot of great people. I was at an expo booth talking to a guy about video gear and somewhere in our conversation, I mentioned that I lost my father a couple of years ago.

Our conversation turned to the recent loss of his dad & the grief he was feeling. It was very fresh for him. He said he hadn’t really shared that with anyone. When I told him how much I could feel my dad with me in Spirit, still encouraging me, his face lit up with joy and he expressed how much relief he felt in hearing that.

We laughed about it and the conversation and connection went much deeper because we were able to be vulnerable, instead of just having the same conversation he was having most of the day about gear.

5:14 – SONG: Love Remains – from Local Honey’s Late Bloomer CD

Don’t be afraid to share yourself. You don’t have to live in the story of your pain. You’ll feel much less alone when you do.

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