Rhett Butler, Guitarist – Live Music & Conversation – Ep003

The Naked Vibes Show features conversations with musicians, artists & healers to ignite your creative genius & elevate you in your spiritual growth.

This episode features guitarist & composer, Rhett Butler. In this radio archive, Rhett joined me in the studio to play live & to talk about his unique skills in playing two guitars at once, as well as his creative inspiration.

Show Notes:
:59 – Show sponsored by RockItU – Get a Free Video to help you hone your intuitive skills for practical use in everyday life.
1:26 – Song: “Shindo Scale”
(features vocals by singer/songwriter Kelly Brown (aka Local Honey)
6:10 – Introducing Guitarist / Composer, Rhett Butler. Rhett talks about how the song came about, talking with an older gentleman in London’s Heathrow airport about destruction & terrorism & the shame that we can’t live in peace.
11:53 – Rhett talks about the “job” of a performer – getting your ego out of the way, so you can allow a higher energy to flow through you & to connect more deeply with listeners.
15:00 – Stephen Pressfield talks about getting out of one’s own way in order to create art in his book, The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles(get the link here)
15:46 – Rhett talks about his regard for guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel
17:20 – Discussion of Rhett’s skill, finger-style playing
18:07 – Live Music Performance: “Chasing Miracles”
20:50 – What it’s like to watch Rhett play
21:40 – Story of meeting accordion player, Joel Guzman from Austin (who played accordion in the band in the Jeff Bridges movie, Crazy Heart, & is a frequent guest on Prairie Home Companion). Rhett was the opening act for a concert Guzman did with Joe Ely. Their meeting led to Guzman playing on Rhett’s CD, Chasing Miracles
24:44 – Beyond Religion: How to Pray & Get Answers online video course (get the link here)
26:23 – Music channels the larger Spirit of Love & higher levels of consciousness. Rhett talks about the inspiration his little brother, Ashley, brings to him & the way it informs his creativity & his playing.
30:56 – God’s Spirit travels through us. Rhett’s story of being on Dallas sports talk radio show, The Ticket, & telling his brother Ashley’s story, resulting in fans purchasing $8,000 worth of CD box sets to help with Ashley’s cancer treatment!
32:15 – When Rhett needed money the most, it was provided. Great lesson in listening to intuition – to ideas that come to you & acting on them!
33:10 – Rhett describes his technical two-hand playing technique
33:44 – Live Music Performance: “The Chele”
35:55 – Listening to Rhett Butler is one thing, but seeing Rhett Butler is a whole different level.
37:00 – Rhett demonstrates the “tapping method” & explains the difference between it & the traditional method of playing guitar.
39:21 – Rhett talks about his song “All the Love They Can Get” from his In This World record. Explains what inspired him to write it & the creative process behind it.
40:30 –Song: “All the Love They Can Get” – RhettButler.org
42:51 – The intention of Love changes the world.
43:53 – Live Music Performance: Rhett debuts “Fitzwalter” from Chasing Miracles
47:30 – Discussion of transcendent experience of seeing Jeff Beck live.
48:58 –Live Music Performance: Rhett plays “Mantooth”, which can be found on both CDs, A New Way Home & The Atlantis Assignment

Show sponsored by RockItU – Get a Free Video to help you hone your intuitive skills for practical use in everyday life.