Tune Your Vibes: Use Your Intuition to Access Your Brilliance – Ep004

How does your intuition help you in everyday practical ways? Why does it matter if you find your “life purpose”? This Tune Your Vibes segment of The Naked Vibes Show will raise your awareness of your intuitive abilities for the purpose of recognizing your self worth & learning to live joyfully. Discussion of dreams/visions/Consciousness & opening to intuition.

Show Notes:
Show sponsored by RockItU – Get a Free Video to help you hone your intuitive skills for practical use in everyday life.
2:10 – Increasing Intuitive Awareness – hearing conversations with artists, musicians, & thought leaders – people who consciously channel creative energy – helps you better tap into your own high-level energy. Life is a mix of the edgy & the contemplative. Big spiritual moments happen during mundane daily dealings.
4:30 – Learn more about intuitive guidance – KimberlyCain.com
4:59 – Song: “Let Me Be Your Drug” by Kelly Brown (aka Local Honey). Get it on the CD that comes with Heaven, a novel.
10:12 – Kelly is a multi-talented artist – performer, visual, powerful channel for Spirit. Kelly’s websites: LocalHoney.org & StudioHoney.com
10:39 – Dreams & visions teach about life, & Consciousness in general.
11:57 – Why you’ve shut down your intuition, though natural in childhood.
14:07 – Music helps move intuition beyond the intellectual mind, so we can really use it as powerfully as it’s intended.
14:32 – The suicides of two childhood friends were a catalyst for creating programs to help others recognize the gift of their uniqueness. You’re here for a higher purpose – tap into it!
16:50 – Einstein & the intuitive mind.
17:59 – Want resources to remove blocks & tap into your intuition, strength, power & love? Kimberly Cain is a Certified High Performance Coach & spiritual mentor. Get resources.
18:30 – Opening to Intuition brings rewards, especially during times of great transition.
18:57 – Song: “Love is Stronger Than Death” – The The from Dusk
20:00 – Death is simply a transition. Ancestors visit us in dreams, letting us know we’re loved & not alone.
21:03 – You can find safety in the midst of stress & chaos; even the “good stress” that helps you achieve your goals – & also when grieving.
22:50 – Segue Music: from “Breathe” by Kelly Brown & Local Honey
23:33 – Brief meditation
25:09 – Music: “Reverence” – David & Steve Gordon from Drum Medicine
26:00 – Spend time daily in reverence & gratitude for the love that surrounds you, no matter how you’re feeling. You’ll recognize & feel more love.
26:45 – Animals as teachers & spirit guides. See blog post & video on “Transformation” with the story of the chameleon. Change & loss are inevitable. They are bridges that lead us from one place to the next.
28:43 – SONG: “Love Remains” – Kelly Brown & Local Honey from Late Bloomer.
32:37 – SONG: “Amen” – Paula Cole from Amen.
33:20 – Reuniting the perceived separation of spirituality & sexuality that has tended to dominate our culture – mixing a little about God & a little about sex – raises awareness of our Wholeness.
33:37 – Heaven, a novel – Eve questions accepted religious norms & revels in the freedom of her body as connected to the power of her spirit, seeing herself as a light in a dark world.
34:20 – Reading from Heaven, a novel, Ch. 37 – “Backstage – Remembering Peter”.
45:38 – You can get the lyrics to “Rise” in Ch, 38 – “Snake Pole Dance” (on pages 274-275) of Heaven, a novel!
The Naked Vibes Show is sponsored by RockItU – Get a Free Video to help you hone your intuitive skills for practical use in everyday life.