Series: Master your energy to quantum leap into greater confidence & deeper satisfaction – Pt 2 – Root Chakra – Money, Food, Safety – Ep042

The first energy center in your body, the Root Chakra, is your foundation. When you feel connected to the earth and grounded in your right to claim your place in the world, you experience a sense of purpose and courage.

Getting grounded means less worry, fear, and anxiety…and more connection to abundance, feelings of safety and assuredness, and a deep recognition of your warrior energy. Yesssss!

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This is the second episode in a series on the Seven Energy Centers in the body, known as the Chakra System. Understanding the flow of energy through these centers can move you into higher levels of consciousness and provide a sense of well-being, courage, clarity, and purpose.

Key Points from this episode:
6:50 – The first time I saw Brendon Burchard speak, he asked an audience of a few hundred people, “Do you think about your energy on a regular basis?” When only five hands went up, he responded, “We gotta fix that!” I agreed and eventually did his coaching certification program.

• Because everything is energy, it means we can move from one level of energy (or state of mind) to another more quickly than what most people would think. We can plug into a power source that is much greater than what we can generate on our own and through that, we’re able to shift our thoughts and understanding by direct knowing, instead of through traditional learning methods.

The energetic state change of music from verse to chorus is a great example of the way we can quickly change our own state and our perspective, which can in turn, change everything! The smallest changes, over time, can move us in the direction of our dreams.

• A healthy dose of humor is helpful when traveling the path of consciousness and personal development! We don’t ever “get there”. We just become more aware and can learn to allow ourselves more grace on the journey.

• No matter what you find as your purpose in life, it’s vital to our world. The “size” of your purpose, from being the President of the United States to being a small community leader or a great dad, is irrelevant. You have a unique footprint and are every bit as valuable as the next guy.

23:27 – Description and practical use of the First Chakra energy, known as the Root Chakra. It’s connected to the energy of safety, groundedness, money, food, family, and generally, to survival.

• Finding solutions becomes much easier when the first chakra is balanced and you’re not cycling through a mental state of worry. Meditation, prayer and spending time in nature can provide the needed balance.

34:00 – The importance of asking questions is that, when you get connected to a Higher Source of Energy, you will get answers!

37:46 – A simple exercise for getting grounded and releasing the energy of worry, fear, and anxiety.

39:30 – A practice using music to help you tune into the energy in your body, as it’s connected to your emotions, thoughts, and ideas. Body awareness is key to alleviating difficult emotions and debilitating thought patterns, so you can move into courage, confidence, and purposeful action.

42:30 – A meditation to put you in the energy of success and purpose.
Song: “Dark Sky” by Kimberly Cain – ©Rhythmic Hips Music

Illustrations to help you visualize the Chakras – the energy centers along the spine.

Used with permission, William Vroman, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Used with permission, mpan, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Why is that important? Because if you want to live at your highest level of excellence and joy, you have to become more aware of yourself and the energy you’re generating. You have the power to master that. To be the master of your own body, your own reality.

Thanks to Tim Cain (CandyBelly) for special use music on Sedona.

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