Series: Master your energy to quantum leap into greater confidence & deeper satisfaction – Pt 1 – Intro to the Chakra system – Ep041

Call it “woo-woo” if you want. Powerful men know that mastering their energy is essential for success. And it’s way more practical than you think.

Dude…it’s time to get comfortable in your own skin, so you can embrace your inner power to kick ass, like the super human you are. I believe in your ability to rise to the level of living as your Highest Self! On most days, anyway.

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We’re talking about energy! You need it. I need it.
And we can be masters of generating what we need to live an adventurous, joyful life – full of courage, passion and purpose.

I’ve been coaching and acting as a mentor to people for a long time. And, because I’m a life-long learner, I took Brendon Burchard’s coaching certification course about eight years ago. Talk about channeling a massive amount of energy! Picture Dave Grohl, but without the guitar or drums, and as a public speaker. Big energy! And all of it channels through Brendon and gets released onto his audience.

The first time I saw him speak, he asked an audience of a few hundred people, “Do you think about your energy on a regular basis?” About five hands went up. He responded, “We gotta fix that!”

You guys who may still see this “energy stuff” as “woo-woo”…I’m talking to you. Most guys who listen to this podcast, or have come to live events where I’m speaking, or reached out for coaching, have some level of awareness of energy as a powerful force. You’re smart. You understand energy movement as an electrical current, or as the force of friction, or the activity within an atom – things that can be measured scientifically and feel “real world” tangible or explainable, as opposed to the world of the “woo-woo”.

You may not think about it a lot, but as soon as I say it, you also understand changes in dynamics of a meeting when one person enters the group after it’s already been established. Something shifts; it changes. You may not know what’s happening, but something either feels better or it doesn’t feel right. It’s the dynamic of the energies embodied by each person in the group. Their thoughts, feelings, words, movements.

A lot of you are musicians – either professionals or lovers of music who play for fun or just listen to a lot of music. You can feel the changes in the music – the movement of energy. Music is such a fantastic way to understand energy in a less mechanical way. Because it touches your feelings and your body, and creates changes, simply by coming into contact with it.

So, we can use that. I’m here to help you change your perception of “woo-woo”.

I agree with Brendon Burchard, and that’s why I’m going to dive into this with you – because you simply need to know how to master your energy. This understanding is so powerful and so necessary if you’re going to live a whole, conscious life. I’ve had so many people ask if I could coach someone else in their family – because, let’s face it… if we could just fix that problem person in our lives, we’d be more comfortable. You know I’m right! That’s just human nature.

What I tell them, though, is that when you take the focus off of them and start learning to master your energy, you’re actually going to see them change. It’s inevitable. I can honestly say that I’ve never coached anyone who didn’t experience that shift, whether in their own perspective or an actual shift in the other person’s behavior.

Just like the additional person who joins an already established group, the energy shifts. When you shift your energy, the dynamic in your family, with your team, your friendships, or in your intimate relationships is going to change.

I’ll be going Live on Facebook all week Feb. 13-17, 2023 for some free “Fireside Sessions” (as in “Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire”) where I can go deeper into the various types of energy that flow through us. What’s great about looking at energy this way is that you can really get a feel for where you may be low on energy – exactly where that’s coming from and what’s causing it – besides just a generalization, like:

“I feel tired” or “I’m basically doing ok, but other than that, life is kind of blah”, or “sex isn’t as exciting or as interesting as I want it to be.” When you know the “why”, then you can really do something about it. You can turn yourself back on, so you can get more joy, focus, clarity, passion, strength, courage – whatever it is that seems to be bogging you down (or not lighting you up).

So, sign up for that right now! It’s free. I’ll be sharing more in-the-moment and helping as many guys as I can to wake up to their energy in a conscious way. There are too many men feeling depression, apathy, boredom and just feeling resigned to living in a way that’s so much less enjoyable than what they could be experiencing. And, too many men going far enough down that path that they get to a level of self-harm. A wonderful fan and patron of the holiday show I do with my sister every year, took his own life just before the holidays this past December. He was well-loved and successful. So, we’re talking about anyone who can come to this place in their lives and we have to be more vocal and more mindful of what’s happening to our energy, to those around us, and to tap into the daily opportunity and practice of elevating our energy and our mindset.

The energy of a live session is always great! You can feel the difference between live and a recorded video. And you can give me a shout in the chat and send me your questions.

Then, at the end of the week, I’ll do a special Q&A where I can answer some of those and you can ask me about whatever questions come up for you around your energy field and what I’ve been sharing.

You have energy dynamics with your family, in your career and with people in your business, with your lover.

Feb 14 – don’t miss that one! Because I’ll be talking about the second energy center in the body and it relates to sex. If you’ve got some blocked energy there, for any number of reasons, you’re not going to be enjoying sex as much as you might like on Valentine’s Day. I’ll give you some tips and you’ll thank me later!

And, guys, you don’t have to be embarrassed about this. Most people in our culture have blocked energy in this area. Our culture has a lot of mixed signals, advertising, “This is tantalizing and sexy. Look at it,” followed by “Don’t look at it!”. It can be confusing, so don’t feel like you’re less of a man if you’ve got some blocked energy there for whatever reason. So, show up for the Live Facebook sessions next week and participate, or just listen. You’ll get a lot of information that will be helpful for you, and create more fun for you..more flow, more creativity, imagination, and your ability to enjoy your life.

In this episode, I give you a quick rundown of what I think is a helpful system for understanding the energy that moves through you and how it affects you. And then, here on the podcast, I’ll do a series of episodes moving through this system.

You may have heard the word “Chakra”. It’s an ancient Sanskrit word that means “wheel”. You can visualize this energy movement in your mind’s eye – like little spinning “wheels” at various points along your spine – the energetic highway of your body. And, you can feel the movement of this energy at the various points.

It’s easier when you can get a visual of what I’m describing.

Used with permission, William Vroman, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Used with permission, mpan, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

But, even if you’re not looking at that graphic, you can visualize this energy movement in your mind’s eye – like little spinning “wheels” at various points along your spine – the energetic highway of your body. And, you can feel the movement of this energy at the various points.

If you go deep into the study of it, there are different takes on the systems from different spiritual traditions, but we’re going to look at it as seven energy centers in the body. These centers correspond to their own frequencies of sound and light, and to various abilities and the kind of energy we need to process those abilities, both in our bodies and as a vibration we send into the world. I’ll go deeper into each of the seven centers both as stand-alone episodes here on the podcast, but also in the upcoming Live “Fireside Sessions” I mentioned. Those will be in a quicker sequence because I’m going to do one each day next week. Sign up!

Here’s an amazing song that embodies a wonderful movement of energy. Rhett Butler is a phenomenal guitar player who really understands the use of movement in music. I chose this song because of its dynamic range. Stop and allow yourself to feel the movement and the frequencies in your body. 

12:00 – SONG: “Shindo Scale” – Rhett Butler, Guitarist –
(features vocals by singer/songwriter Kelly Brown (aka Local Honey).

18:13 – Descriptions of each of the seven chakras and the way energy moves through them from the non-physical into the physical world. Light and sound are frequency and everything is energy.

The Seven Chakras:
Solar Plexus
Third Eye

If you haven’t already, subscribe to the podcast, right here at the top of this page, so you’ll be sure to catch the individual episodes in this series. You’ll learn about each one of the Chakras separately, in the way they vibrate within your body and how they affect you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s all about raising your awareness of who you are as a person and about bringing you into alignment with your most powerful Self, alerting you more quickly when you’re getting out of balance and moving off your center. 

Why is that important? Because if you want to live at your highest level of excellence and joy, you have to become more aware of yourself and the energy you’re generating. You have the power to master that. To be the master of your own body, your own reality.

Most people live in a reactive state to the world around them. If you’re listening to this podcast, you’re not most people – that’s not the way you want to live. You are the one who leads others – so you have to understand the flow of energy within and around you. Once you have some of the basic concepts, it’s going to become easy. I don’t mean you won’t experience any upsets and get off balance. What I mean is that you will have mastery over your life in a way that allows you to see and feel that you are headed in a direction of being off-balance and you can self-correct. How much time, money, and heartache could that save you?!! And how much joy and abundance could it bring you to see more clearly how to head in the direction of what you do desire, rather than what you don’t?!

33:39 – Fun homework assignment! Use music to find the energy centers in your body. Learn how to draw in the highest quality energy.

Thanks to Tim Cain (CandyBelly) for special use music on Sedona.

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I went to a job interview shortly after I did some rhythmic exercises Kim gave me to find my energy source & improve my communication…& I want to tell you how powerful it made me feel, how much clarity I gained. I was able to express myself in a way that landed me a new career position. I highly recommend that you connect with Kim & open yourself up to a brand new experience. 

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