Singer / Songwriter, Kelly Brown – Producer of The Local Honey Holiday Mix (Pt 1) – Music & Conversation – Ep036

Singer / Songwriter, Kelly Brown, produces the Local Honey Holiday Mix, her eclectic, long-running holiday show she considers a “gift” and a “party” for all involved. Musicians and fans alike have been an integral part of what makes this show so successful, as it really is a magical affair of talent and camaraderie. The spirit of the season is alive and well in Kelly’s capable and creative hands…and voice.

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Every year, for 13 years, I’ve had the privilege to be a part of an amazing eclectic holiday show produced by my sister, Kelly Brown. And, I thought I’d make December a month of sharing some behind-the-scenes from the show, because it touches on a lot of things – the business of creating a successful, long-running show and what it takes to do that as an entrepreneur. The leadership skills involved in wrangling a bunch of musicians, though they’re all top-notch professionals, is a feat, as we’re talking about pulling together a bunch of individual entrepreneurial souls to collaborate in a concentrated amount of time in order to make magic happen.

This is Part 1 of a 2-part conversation with Kelly.

Show Notes:
**Links to songs will be updated later today.

3:15 – Sisters!

3:40 – Introduction of Kelly Brown, Artist & Producer of The Local Honey Holiday Mix.

Kelly talks about what has been the driving force for her to continue producing such a time and labor intensive show for thirteen years. She considers it a gift to work and play with such talented, well-known artists.

6:30 – The inception of the show in 2006 and the way it has evolved into a tradition for many fans who have made the show a part of their holiday tradition year after year.

7:29 – Prior to the live show, we got so tired of hearing the same tired versions of Christmas songs, we finally recorded our first holiday CD.

8:24 – Frankly Scarlet’s recording of “Coventry Carol” was included on a compilation of holiday songs from Deep Ellum bands.

8:39 – Kelly purchased Pro Tools and learned it while recording the CD. Musicians loved being a part of it because the songs were joyful. Then, great producers like David Castell could come in and mix it. It’s been one of our most loved music offerings.

11:12 – Kelly talks about the process of making the decisions necessary to launch a large production and holiday music event. The first year, she collapsed from fatigue and learned a major lesson about pacing!

13:04 – SONG: “If We Make It Through December” – Local Honey from Jingle CD/music compilation – Get it on Apple Music

16:45 – Kelly talks about the choice to record “If We Make It Through December”. She tells a fun story about starting the process with Kenny Withrow (New Bohemians), going through a snow storm, adding Hunter Hendrickson to the mix, then cutting her favorite lick with her Telecaster. Reggie Rueffer’s fiddle tops it off.

19:30 – Kelly’s Wire-Fox Terrier, Winston, joins in the conversation.

20:04 – Having fun with great players capable of pulling off the Western swing the song calls for. Playing live with Chad Rueffer and Reggie Rueffer.

21:18 – Our first holiday CD, Rejoice, includes my favorite holiday song to perform – “Holiday Cheer”.

Kelly talks about how the song was born out of her work as a session singer, writing and recording for her client, The National Cheerleader Association, and their performance at the Hula Bowl.

23:30 – A Carpenter’s song started as a jingle and became a huge hit. Lots of silly mayhem ensues in this segment.

26:14 – SONG: “Holiday Cheer” (Live) – from the Jingle CD/music compilation – Get it on Apple Music

31:04 – The choice to record a song that I don’t like. Kelly doesn’t like it either! So…why? Kelly decided to straighten out the beat to see what would happen and the result is a cooler, sexier version of this classic that has remained a period piece recorded in the same way by a lot of artists…until now.

33:15 – SONG: “Santa Baby” – from the Jingle CD/music compilation – Get it on Apple Music

Kelly Brown, as a singer, has a wonderful ability to emote and bring the deep feeling from a song.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this conversation with Kelly Brown, aka Local Honey, where we’ll dive deeper into entrepreneurship, leadership skills, and more on the talented musicians involved in the show.