Show Notes: Kelly Brown (Pt 2) – Ep037

3:23 – Many great players have shared the stage with us over the thirteen years the Local Honey Holiday Mix has been in production and it’s very meaningful to be able to work with these talented, generous, kind artists. The list is long, so I’ll probably have to add to this as we think of the many who have joined us!

To start: Andy Timmons, Bryan Wakeland (Polyphonic Spree, Tripping Daisy), Freddie Jones (Dallas Cowboys’ game-opening trumpeter), Kenny Withrow (New Bohemians), Reggie Rueffer (fiddle player, Charlie Pride; Spot; The Rueffer Brothers), Chad Rueffer, John Bryant (D’Drum, Stewart Copeland collaborator), Mack Price (producer, TV composer), David Castell (producer), Paul Slavens (KXT DJ, Ten Hands)….. (to be continued)

4:12 – Kelly talks about the best players being the most humble. They don’t have to have big egos and certainly don’t let their egos get in the way of making great music.

5:05 – Despite being accomplished musicians, many educated at North Texas, they enjoy being challenged by this show.

5:48 – Kelly talks about the communication strengths of drummer, Alex Hahn, and his ability to create a foundation – as Kelly puts it, “to be the net under the tightrope”. It allows her to be free, to do whatever she wants as a singer.

7:08 – Growing up in a house with a great accompanist, our mother was there to help us rehearse whenever needed. Kelly talks about the difference between a player and an accompanist and the great communication pianist William Foley brings to the mix and how it supports her.

7:49 – The style of Bryan Wakeland is so bohemian and free! 

8:24 – Getting to stand next to great guitar players, like Andy Timmons, is such a treat! He and Reggie Rueffer emit maximum energy and joy. Andy was Olivia Newton-John’s music director for years. He brings a lot of playfulness to rehearsals, while also bringing a lot of organizational and directorial skills.

10:42 – The unexpected fun of Freddie Jones! He’s all over the globe, but he always wants to play the Local Honey Holiday Mix. He always brings a major treat to us and to audiences.

12:10 – Entrepreneurial skills and leadership skills. Kelly talks about the many areas of expertise involved in producing a multi-faceted show with a lot of individual creative minds in the mix.

15:48 – Story of the year Santa cursed us with an ice storm. Kelly talks about how she handles the worst situations. It’s a great example of the way a leader affects others by staying in a mindset of peace and calm.

17:57 – SONG: “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” – Frankly Scarlet’s Rejoice CD/music compilation – Get it on Apple Music

Christmas Party in The REALM – Dec. 21st – Sign up!!

25:56 – Why this show? The spirit of the season for all people, regardless of beliefs, and our faith combined, provide the energy for this show.

28:00 – What an eclectic song list! From Dolly Parton’s “Hard Candy Christmas” to the punk rock holiday songs of The Kinks and The Waitresses to the beauty of sacred songs. Kelly treats us to an a cappella section of “Joy to the World”.

32:06 – Our parents started us on our musical journey as children. We are forever grateful. Kelly came up with a unique arrangement of the classic song, “Jingle Bells” during the time our mother was in hospice and  close to passing. We were preparing for the show and it was a very tender time. This song touches me deeply, as it’s connected to that time.

35:20 – SONG: “Jingle” – from Local Honey’s Jingle CD/music compilation – Get it on Apple Music

38:27 – Poignant moments to the silly business of siblings.

39:34 – When live music stopped during the Covid lockdown, we did a “party on the porch” and live streamed it on Facebook. People needed to be uplifted. Reggie Rueffer called it “the wing and a prayer show”. Neighbors brought lawn chairs and set up all over the street. It was a blessing for all of us to have that musical “oasis” in the middle of such a stressful time in our global culture.
You can see that video here

42:24 – More silliness…ensconced in velvet!