Quickie – 5-minute method: How to transition from high stress work to intimacy with your lover – Ep051

How do you transition from the energy of a high stress work situation to an intimate moment with a lover, or any other situation that requires a more relaxed vibe? Music can be your rescue remedy.

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In this episode:
The brain requires time to transition from one type of situation to another. So, it can be difficult to be present with your lover, your spouse. You may be present physically, but your mind is still working on the last task. And in our busy world, we often don’t carve out the necessary time for peaceful transitions.

It can be extra challenging to move out of the energy of “work mode” and into the energy of intimacy.

Music is an amazing tool for helping you to shift gears. Though the brain still requires the time it takes to make the transition, music can jumpstart the process. Try the exercise in this episode and let me know how it works for you.

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