Tune Your Vibes: Truth – Personal vs Universal – Ep007

The ego is fragile, but the spirit is bold & connected to Universal Truth.

This Tune Your Vibes segment of The Naked Vibes Show will raise your awareness of Universal Truth vs Personal Subjective Truth, of your connection to Divine Love, & learning to be an observer, free from judgment. Truth has a “ring” to it, a high vibration. Discerning between this & the painful voice of the ego can make all the difference between merely surviving & thriving in life.

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2:06 – Many paths, one Truth. Jesus & Lao Tzu: The Parallel Sayings, edited by Martin Aronson. (get the link here)
2:57 – SONG: “Truth” – Kelly Brown (aka Local Honey). Also available on the CD that comes with Heaven, a novel.
6:30 – Personal Subjective Truth vs Universal Truth.
When we hold out our personal subjective truth as “The Truth”, we put ourselves in place of God in our own judgment. It puts others in the wrong if they don’t fit into our paradigm. We can always find everything we need to back up our “positions” & put others in the wrong. When holding rigidly to our positions, we’re operating from fear & stifling our own growth.
7:11 – Positions prevent us from seeing vastness of time, space & consciousness.
7:34 – Story example – Medieval Christian belief in a flat Earth. Old beliefs will eventually give way through the process of evolution.
8:07 – Quantum physics & Christianity. Belief in a Personal Savior has led to war throughout history.
8:38 – Jesus – “I am the way, the truth, & the life” – Universal Truth
9:03 – “No one comes to the Father but by me.” Understanding this through Personal Subjective Truth vs Universal Truth. Jesus goes far beyond the personal, leading us to the “Father” or “Supreme Mind”.
10:10 – Meditation removes barriers, so the Universal can become Personal.
10:18 – Can Universal be personal? Yes – we walk it into the world through our personal selves.
11:19 – Stiff positions keep us from growth.
11:34 – SONGS: “Whatever I Fear” – Toad the Wet Sprocket.
“Drive” – Incubus.
13:00 – Trust that Universal Truth will be your guide, if you allow it.
I believe in presenting you with ideas, then giving you some space to move those ideas into the body through music. Even if we don’t know exactly what to do with new ideas on an intellectual level, our spirits know exactly what to do! Music, dance – movement shakes old ideas loose & allows our bodies to integrate new ones without the resistance we create on the mental plane.
14:31 – As an intuitive guide, I have the opportunity to see a person’s true spirit. I find that most people are unaware of how powerful they really are.
Story – Young woman “buys into” the idea of being flawed & it sets her up for a lifetime of health issues.
15:50 – Addressing health only through symptoms covers up deeper issues.  Adhering to stories from past pain causes us to define ourselves as powerless victims, which is not a Universal Truth! The ego is fragile, but the spirit is bold & connected to Universal Truth.
16:12 – EXERCISE: Ask yourself – “What if my belief system were not true?” Pay attention to any emotions that arise. You may experience anger, dread, anxiety – all signals that you’re alive & you have somewhere to go from there!
18:05 – SONG: “Second Chance” – Shinedown
18:52 – Meditation – This is how you find that you’re connected to Universal Truth – that you are a part of it.
19:22 – Era – Composer Eric Levi uses made-up words to convey & invoke emotions. You can hear truth in music. It’s very powerful & peaceful at the same time.
20:17 – Questions to ask yourself in preparation for meditation. How important is Truth to you? Are you willing to set aside worn out beliefs that no longer serve you, or the greater good, in order to grow? If you experience discomfort with these questions, it’s just resistance.
21:03 – Meditation
22:03 – SONGS: “Cathar Rhythm” & “Ameno” – Era
22:53 – Jesus said, “The Truth will make you free.”
23:16 – Music is an amazing tool for focusing & is especially helpful when you have difficulty quieting the mind for meditation. Remo Drums HealthRhythms is an evidence-based program that proves the healing properties of drumming for the mind, body, & spirit.
24:21 – Movement Meditation tools to help you connect with your highest state of excellence & primal essence, so you can shift your energy for greater clarity, courage, focus, & empowerment. It’s a potent combination of your sexual energy combined with your spiritual energy. GET THESE POWERFUL MOVEMENT MEDITATIONS NOW!
• These clients had powerful life-shifting experiences using these movement meditations. Listen to what they have to say. Please understand this is not a claim that you will have the same or similar experiences. The Movement Meditations are simply tools to help you learn to shift your own energy through powerful practice. 
26:50 – All the vibrations within music are important. Listen on good speakers, so you can feel the full range of frequencies.
27:20 – The Naked Vibes Show has a lot going on! From sex to God to consciousness – it all goes together – & when we get our egos out of the way, our spirits know what to do. Moving from intellectual ideas to entertainment, & back again, helps us to shift & learn more easily.
28:36 – Recap of Heaven reading from previous show as background for this episode’s reading.
29:09 – Reading from Heaven, a novel.
38:13 – SONG: “Exposed” – only available on the complimentary CD that comes with the novel, Heaven. Written by KB Cain & R. Rueffer. Performed by Reggie Rueffer.
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