Brian Miller: Musician, Songwriter – Live Music & Conversation – Ep016

The Naked Vibes Show features conversations with musicians, artists & healers to ignite your creative genius & elevate you in your spiritual growth.

Brian Miller, songwriter, musician, producerThis episode of The Naked Vibes Show features multi-talented recording & performing artist, Brian Miller. Songwriter, guitarist, & producer are his primary roles, but he brings so much more to the projects he creates with other artists. Brian discusses the skills he uses to collaborate & help bring their work to life, as well as the inspiration for his own music.

Listen up musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, & leaders. Whether you’re a musician or not, you’ll glean valuable tips to sweeten your own creative work. Brian’s wisdom applies, not only to musical collaboration, but to personal & professional relationships alike. Bonus – Brian plays an original tune live on his travel guitar.

3:27 – Brian Miller has been a creative collaborator & band mate of mine for years, bringing an ease & flow to the creative process. He’s well known for bringing this same vibe to many artists who’ve had the pleasure to work with him.

4:04 – How does Brian work with so many different artists & keep his individual creative conscience while also bringing out the best in their work?

5:01 – When you check your ego at the door, there’s no conflict. Brian talks about the “servant” mentality & the integrity of bringing your own creative contribution while also serving the other person or project.

5:41 – Bands strive for democracy, but in reality, someone has to rise up into a position of leadership. A lot of bands fail when they lack this understanding.

6:15 – A band that’s operating well is a great example of deep listening skills. If the players don’t engage in the practice of deep listening, it’s a train wreck.

6:56 – Being in a band forces individual players to do things they wouldn’t have done otherwise – to stretch their creative limits.

7:16 – Some bands stand the test of time because they work out their understanding of roles & allow a leader to emerge that brings a cohesiveness. Successful businesses of any kind operate this way. The principles apply in successful marriages as well.

8:00 – Our culture is well-versed at the active principle – making our voices heard. We need more practice with the receptive principle – really listening, so we can respond better.

8:11 – How does Brian listen for creative inspiration? He explains that it’s spiritual & internal, yet it’s undefined. It suddenly appears & then he has to grab onto it, work it, & grow it.

9:08 – The genesis of ideas works the same way for entrepreneurs. When you open yourself to new possibilities, you find the idea or answer has been right in front of you all along.

9:32 – Be open to the understanding that knowledge & the creative spark appear instantly, so you can grasp it when it does. It’s a primal force & all of our good emotions & intentions come from this same place.

10:14 – LIVE MUSIC: “Penance” by Brian Miller.

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