Tune Your Vibes: Loneliness – reconnect through simple exercises – Ep015

Loneliness is a growing problem in our global society.

You’re not alone in your feelings of loneliness. Learn a simple exercise to help you connect to your own powerful essence & to your community in this Tune Your Vibes segment of The Naked Vibes Show.

1:36 – A financially successful, mid-30’s entrepreneur confesses the problem of his growing loneliness over the last decade.

2:48 – Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging & the Courage to Stand Alone by Brene Brown, PhD. Studies show 20% of the U.S. population reported feelings of loneliness in the 1980’s. Today, that has doubled & rates of reported  loneliness are growing rapidly around the world.

3:17 – Brown says sorting ourselves further & further into groups of like-minded people, rather than growing our sense of belonging, is creating a greater effect of lonleliness. She titles one of her chapters, People are hard to hate close up. Move in.

4:36 – The less we learn about others, the more likely our compassion for them is diminished. The practice of listening allows you to hear what’s not being said & creates deeper levels of understanding.

5:30 – Livestream event with Radical EvolutionAry Love Makers, aka The REALM, featuring Kimberly Cain & Brian Miller. A recorded segment from the live presentation, Harmony & Foreplay.

7:01 – Balance System helps you understand how to bring yourself back into balance when you feel pulled off center by daily stressors. Why do you want to do this? Because it creates more pleasure!

8:15 – Exercise: Experience the calming effect of tuning, in harmony, to the breath of another person.

10:55 – Brian accompanies Kimberly, with haunting guitar, on a spoken word journey that moves from broken systems into peace. This connects the use of primal energy as spiritual awakening + conscious use of intuition & creativity.

15:24 – You’re not alone – however, connection requires you to lean in to others & move through the discomfort you may feel when you’re not in agreement. It can lead to moments of intimacy you never imagined & healing on an exponential level.

16:28 – The Christ Consciousness is the most powerful energy available to us, as Love never dies. Jesus taught us how to elevate our energy to the highest levels of spiritual mastery. He said, “I AM with you always”.  

17:52 – Relax into ending conflict within the self, between one another, & in the world as a remedy for loneliness.

Rhythmic Movement Meditations get you connected & aligned in your body & your spirit to help awaken your energy. Music is scientifically proven to provide health benefits in every area of life. Use it intentionally. Create harmony within yourself & with others to overcome feelings of loneliness & get reconnected. Download the meditations & experience it!

Watch this video, on NakedVibes.com, of an attorney who shifted from anxiety during a long job transition & into a knowledge of his own personal power in less than 30 days, by using these Rhythmic Movement Meditations. He credits this as one of the primary tools that gave him the courage & energy to present himself more fearlessly & landed him a position as a corporate VP. That’s the creative energy at work. And it’s no different than the energy you desire to awaken in any area of your life.

 Todd Watson – Attorney, Vice President, Marco’s Franchising

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