Love Conquers Darkness – Celebrating Day of the Dead – Live Music – Ep017

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a celebration of life. A celebration of those souls who have walked the earth with us & shared their love. It falls right after Halloween, All Souls Day & All Saints Day. So, there’s a lot ‘o life around the subject of death at this time of year!

It’s some serious fun to celebrate. But what about when it’s not fun? When darkness seems to rule the day & we don’t know where to turn?

Watch this video from The REALM to hear some spooky, supernatural stories, inspired songs, & a message about how, when faced with real uncertainty & grief in our lives, we can call on Love. From the death of a loved one to the daily deaths we face in our jobs, relationships & finances, there is no call too great or too small for Love to answer.

Oh, yeah…& there’s a dance party involved. Movement heals. It’s a sure-fire way to dance out the darkness!

To get you to spots of interest in the video quickly:

0:00 – Welcome to The REALM – Celebrating Dia de los Muertos
4:23 – Darkness of Amber Hagerman’s death leads to light in a song
5:13 – Song – “Love Will Win”
8:44 – Inspiration – “When Darkness Rules – Call on Love”
9:25 – The way to light when darkness falls (Amber Alert, Adam Walsh, John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted, & 9/11)
11:10 – Angels in sacred texts
12:09 – Daily deaths to finances, relationships, etc. threaten security. What do we do?
12:58 – Spooky stories (Love wins!)
17:20 – Hospice – death takes place over about a month ; the spirit knows it’s leaving.
19:19 – Story – Hands crippled from arthritis relax just before life transition
21:24 – Reading from A Course in Miracles – when you take in what is sacred & let it live in your heart, it overrides negative thinking
23:33 – Story of George Harrison’s passing – a “brilliant light” in the room
24:59 – Song – “The End of the Beginning” – Brian Miller
29:44 – Movement Meditation – “Chains / Unfolding”
32:05 – Enjoy being in the body! Dancing out the darkness after The REALM Gathering

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