Men can harness high-level energy to become confident speakers – Ep039

Public speaking is one of the greatest fears men face. Even if it’s just speaking up in a group of peers or stating your truth to an intimate partner, men can feel paralyzed when called to speak up. Learning to connect to the high-level vibration of Divine energy to increase your awareness and that of Earth energy to ground you is game-changing. Using powerful, unseen energy can give you the confidence to speak and make the difference in your success.

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In this episode:

Whether you’re thinking on it fondly or happy to give it the boot, there always seems to be an excitement around the coming of the new year.

So many resolutions are made that, come the end of January, have already been abandoned. So, here’s an alternative. NO RESOLUTIONS! Just enjoy the season, use it to reflect on what you’ve enjoyed in your life over the past year, or years, and would like more of. I want to touch on the thing, above all others, that will amplify & enlighten every area your life, giving you the knowledge of your abundance, whether you actually feel it or not – because sometimes we get in a funk. But, this knowledge will pull you out of the funk more quickly than anything else ever can.

That’s the recognition and the acceptance of Energy that is far more powerful than any of us is on our own. Making it a daily practice to engage will eventually feel like breathing – simple and completely necessary for life. And, the result will be a feeling of gratitude, no matter what circumstances may come your way.

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Learning how to tap into Divine Energy as a sense of knowing you are here as a force to be reckoned with, how to ground yourself in Earth energy, so you feel stable and confident, and how to use your voice as a powerful conduit for good is life-changing.

I’ve talked with many guys who have shared with me privately, their fear around speaking out publicly. These are smart, successful, effective men in their jobs. Some of them sales guys who feel fine talking one-on-one, but when having to make a presentation, they’re overcome with fear, self-doubt, inability to know what to say or how to say it. One guy said he turns beet red, his face flushes with heat, and he’s overwhelmed with embarrassment when making presentations to his company.

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. Believe me. Fear of public speaking ranks among the greatest fears people ever face. And I’m not necessarily talking about presentations before groups – it could just be speaking up in the presence of several other peers, or speaking your truth in your intimate relationships, even.

It can also be one of the greatest skills you can ever develop and will serve you well throughout your life and career. I’m not necessarily talking about becoming a public speaker – just a person who is capable of expressing yourself in any situation; being who you are, comfortable in your own skin.

This all relates to understanding unseen energies, lower-level vibrations that affect you and pull your thoughts down to a place where you are not as effective as you can be (even into depression) to the higher vibration of Divine Energy that is your fuel for being everything you can be.