How to quickly get back in the spirit when having a “bah humbug” moment – Ep038

Positive thinking, as a solution, doesn’t always work when you’ve already taken a dive into “bah humbug”. And, it’s inevitable that those moments are gonna come. Learning to accept it and knowing how to quickly shift, so you can get back to enjoying your life, are key. Fortunately, there are some handy tools for getting back “in the spirit” and in this quickie episode, I’ll help you gear up.

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In this episode:

I want to broaden the idea of “the spirit of the season” for you just a bit. Think about the phrase “spirit of the game” in sports or hearing someone say, “that’s the spirit” or “I can’t make the party, but I’ll be there in spirit”.

“Spirit” refers to the heart or the essence of something – the “core of existence” of that person, idea, concept or entity. So, what does it mean if you’re “not” in the spirit? If you’re not tapping into the truth or the reality of the thing?

Let’s face it, sometimes we’re not in the spirit of things – for whatever reason. Could be grief, detachment, stress – or a number of things. It can be that we float in and out of it. It happened to me tonight on my way to a rehearsal. In this episode, I share that story with you because I think it can be helpful to you when you experience this “falling out of the spirit” and into a mindset that doesn’t serve you well. Listen to learn how I quickly got back into the spirit of the season. You can use the same tool to get a quick shift!

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