Quickie – Music helps men connect & express themselves – Ep056

We are designed to express ourselves and to connect with others. The global pandemic changed the way we relate to one another and has provided a painful, but necessary, call for men to open themselves to deeper connection, more meaningful conversation, and wholeness. Music helps men connect and express themselves more easily.

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In this episode:
More men are seeking deeper meaning in life. The experience of the pandemic has forever changed our world and the way we relate (or not) to one another. It can be a painful, yet beautiful, process to go through the questioning, doubting, elevation of understanding, and then questioning some more. But, that is the journey of life. You can choose to stay surface level, but really living requires deeper exploration of ourselves and intimate connection to others.

Singer/Songwriter, John Waite, in the documentary film, John Waite: The Hard Way shares his vulnerability as a musician navigating the disconnected landscape of the music business shutdown. No matter what industry you’re in, it paints a picture of what life has been like for many people longing to express themselves and be connected to others.

Your soul is calling you to go deeper. Music helps men connect more easily.

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