Reggie Rueffer: Musician, Songwriter – Live Music & Conversation – Ep011

The Naked Vibes Show features conversations with musicians, artists & healers to ignite your creative genius & elevate you in your spiritual growth.

This episode features musician/songwriter, Reggie Rueffer of Spot (rock band formerly with Interscope Records) & touring violinist for Charlie Pride. His other bands/projects include The Hochimen & Mildred. In this radio archive, Reggie joined me in the studio to play live & to share his insights on the creative process. Some spicey conversation ensues.

2:34 – SONG: “Hymn” from the Heaven, the novel Soundtrack. Written & performed by Reggie Rueffer. This special version is only available on the complimentary CD that comes with the book.

7:57 – Story of how “Hymn” came to be. Reggie talks, with humor, about how easily he was able to write about religious issues mixed with sexual issues – & with the added challenge of writing from a woman’s perspective.

10:40 – Example of how creative ideas are not our own, but are shared universally.

11:03 – Sexual repression brought on by outside forces shapes our relationships & ability to express ourselves.

11:56 – Sexual energy can be channeled through artistry & music. Great examples – Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) & Prince.

13:08 – SONG – LIVE PERFORMANCE: “Brush with Religion” – Tierra del Gato – Hochimen.

17:33 – Reggie & his brother, Chad, performed on the Local Honey Holiday Mix show with my sister, Kelly, & me. Reggie’s favorite part of the night was when we did “Noelle Nouvelet” as Brothers & Sisters.

18:34 – Broad range of musical influences & perspectives – classical training from SMU + rock star bands Mildred (XTC-inspired rock ’n roll) & Spot.

19:17 – Mildred lyrics were inspired by Reggie’s experience as a Christian.

19:54 – Perceptions of Frankly Scarlet, the band I shared with my sister, were often that it was a Christian band because we sang about Love & Consciousness. You can’t remove who you are from your art.

20:38 – Expanding, through art, leads to places that are larger than religion. Music helps people connect on deeper levels.

20:56 – Great pop songs have always been written about “boy meets girl”. Reggie originally wrote more about the issues of the day.

21:36 – True that you’re perfectly who you are. Perfectly human. Mistakes & all. Recognizing this creates so much freedom.

Reggie Rueffer in the studio recording "Exposed" for the Heaven, a novel Soundtrack22:05 – Fun with the collaborative process between Reggie & me for the Heaven soundtrack, on “Exposed”, by fictitious band XXX.

23:43 – Bands that play live exactly as the recording sounds often have no passion. It becomes craft instead of art. Art has to stretch. It can bring the darker human emotions a little closer to the surface, so we can recognize we’re not alone in those feelings. Example: Van Gogh’s paintings.

25:25 – SONG: “Exposed” – XXX – Heaven soundtrack. Only available on the complimentary CD that comes with the novel, Heaven. Written by KB Cain & R. Rueffer. Performed by Reggie Rueffer.

29:43 – Mistakes can turn out to be better than the original. When a voice cracks or someone hits the “wrong” chord, it can be a beautiful serendipity.

30:51 – The version of “Hymn” that can only be found on the CD that comes with Heaven, a novel is the original demo version & has more of a raw sexuality to it, more vulnerability. The Hochimen version on Tierra del Gato, called “Hymn To Them All” is more polished.

32:38 – Reggie is an accomplished violinist & fiddle player, touring with Charlie Pride.

33:31 – SONG – LIVE PERFORMANCE: “Hymn To Them All” – violin instrumental.

36:37 – What happens when an artist loses himself in “The Zone” & creativity flows without filters.

38:40 – Teaching young people that you have to learn skill first. Important to put in the hours to learn what you’re doing – then you can let go to the passion of the music, the art.

39:23 – It’s just like making love – think less & be a better lover!

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41:55 – Passion, music, sexuality & writing new music.

43:17 – Spot – Reggie’s band, with brother Chad, was signed to Interscope Records. You owe it to yourself to download this amazing album!

44:01 – SONG: “Good Fences” – Tierra del Gato – Hochimen. Written from a feminine perspective.

47:04 – SONG: “You Bum Ya” – Tierra del Gato – Hochimen.

51:27 – Reggie talks about the lyrics to “You Bum Ya” – preaching to himself to “pull his head out of his ass”.

51:59 – Reggie’s advice, “Have you ever had a passion? Laugh at yourself & try to find it.”

52:07 – Deep messages – as artists, we’re preaching to ourselves.

53:11 – “People are more passionate with their self-pity than with doing something positive.” Get out there & find passion for doing something positive!

53:26 – How to start the process of changing your thoughts to benefit you in a more positive way.

54:12 – Creating the skill-set to “be spiritual” is the same as developing artistic muscles.

55:19 – Reggie reading Leo Hartong, “Awakening to the Dream” –  non-duality.

55:35 – When talking about spirituality & sexuality, people have trouble talking about non-duality, so we have to “marry” the feminine aspect to the male God. Then we see there’s a unified Whole.

56:38 – Sounds trite, but the solution to war, on a global scale, starts with me in myself, then embracing you.

57:40 – Alan Watts – “differentiated unity” – it’s not you against the world.

58:15 – SONG – LIVE PERFORMANCE of a new song Reggie’s still working on as he tries to get in touch with his “inner dog”.

1:02:09 – Joy of witnessing the creative process at work.

1:02:48 – Hochimen’s album Totenlieder – songs about death. We’re touching every deep subject we possibly can within an hour – love, sex, death, God, consciousness, & the creative spark!

1:04:25 – “God is a Flower” – Totenlieder – Hochimen

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Matt! I included a conversation that Reggie & I had a few years ago. I’ve got some more great stuff on camera that we did last year & I’ll be posting it sometime in 2018. We just did our annual holiday show & Reggie was a featured performer in that. What an amazing talent!

  1. Wow!!! I grew up with Reggie and Chad on 15th street in Irving, TX. I remember the time we had playing football at Fritz Park. Reggie was one hell of a football player. My name is Theron, I lived across the street from the Rueffers. Their Dad Dennis was one cool dude. I hope to come here them play one day.

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