Singer / Songwriter, Kelly Brown – Producer of The Local Honey Holiday Mix (Pt 2) – Music & Conversation – Ep037

Part 2 of my conversation with Singer / Songwriter, Kelly Brown, producer of the Local Honey Holiday Mix. Kelly shares stories about the many talented musicians that have been a part of the show over the years. The best players are kind, generous, humble guys who don’t need to sport a big ego.

Listen to Part 1:

You can use the tools employed by show producers to create and organize your projects in sections, no matter what you’re working on. Kelly talks about some of the ways she builds a multi-faceted production, encompassing many layers, from rehearsals to marketing to sponsorships and more, while working with lots of other creative entrepreneurs. Listen up – you’ll get a lot of juicy ideas you can use for improving your own leadership skills.

You’ll also hear more great music, including Kelly impromptu a cappella, and a poignant story connected to the arrangement of her beautiful version of “Jingle” that will touch your heart.

Singer/Songwriter Kelly Brown, producer of The Local Honey Holiday Mix on stage as Snow Miser from the song "Heat Miser".
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