Resurrection – Love Is – Ep027

The Naked Vibes Show has been on hiatus for a little while & I’m ready for resurrection. How about you?

This feels like the right time – as this week is special for many people. In the Christian and Jewish faith traditions, it’s Holy Week – the time of Good Friday, Passover, and Easter. There are traditions celebrated by other faiths this month as well. Also, in most of the Northern Hemisphere, it’s Spring – a time of rebirth, rejuvenation, and renewal – no matter what your faith orientation. It’s fall in most of the Southern Hemisphere, by the way. I don’t want to leave you out – that’s another time of transition.

So, the reason for my hiatus… I was the primary caretaker for my father for a couple of years, during which he was challenged by cancer. I needed to, and chose to, put my whole focus on him. He was a vibrant person. So full of life, despite the circumstances. He passed on last year and I’ve needed time to recuperate and grieve the loss.

But here’s why this is a perfect time to bring on a new season of The Naked Vibes Show. My dad was my champion. He was my friend and mentor. He believed in me, loved me unconditionally, and continued to tell me so until he passed.

He cherished the creative spirit he saw and, along with my mother, cultivated in me and my sister. He fully expected me to rise up and continue inspiring others through their challenges and celebrating in their joys, just as he always did.

Resurrection - Love Is
Kelly's Cross - watercolor by
KB Cain

This is a time of resurrection, both in faith traditions and in nature. I did a podcast episode in March 2018 on the Life-Renewing Energy of Easter. You can take a listen to that episode here if you’d like to dive a little deeper into the energy of resurrection and renewal – what I call the Christ energy – and how it’s different from a lot of religious thinking.

This is also a strange time in the world right now. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic due to a Coronavirus. A lot of people are afraid – afraid of job loss, loss of loved ones, of their own health & well-being, of the daily working of life as we know it, and mostly, I think, loss of control. Though we never truly have control over most things outside of our own thoughts and actions, we often perceive that we do. A situation like this puts it right in our faces. We don’t.

So, I’d like to give you a few things to hold onto, to ponder, or to lift you up.

  1. Think of the worst things you’ve gone through to date. Not to bring you down. Not to dwell on. But, as a reminder that you made it through. You survived. Think on the ways you’re better for what you went through. Granted, it may have been a hell that you don’t want to repeat. But, I believe we can always find seeds of good in our experiences, seeds that grow us into stronger individuals.
  2. Understand the difference between inconvenience, or discomfort, and real pain. You can weather the inconveniences. You’ll adapt and come around with different methods to get things done. In some cases, you’ll come up with better ways of doing things. If you experience real pain, it’s the time to reach out – to get help. This kind of vulnerability is human and it’s also a window into the knowledge that you’re loved. You will find strength in pain and hardship because you’re vulnerable. Others will rise to the occasion to bring the help you need – just as you would for them. And, if you should find yourself alone in your pain, reach UP – to the Love that is higher than any of us, as humans, can fathom. I’m talking about the Love that is part of your DNA. The love that created you. If you’ve never reached for it before, take the chance. I promise you will find Love waiting for you – in the most beautiful and unexpected ways.
  3. If you’re afraid of death – for yourself or someone you love – know this. It is inevitable that we will all reach that place – the place where we leave and transcend this physical body. Because it is part of the cycle of life, we can really take comfort in the fact that it must be all right. Though it’s a mystery, we were born into the cycle that includes death. It’s going to be okay.

Here’s the beauty of faith. Faith is ultimately a belief that rebirth occurs. Without even thinking about it, we have faith that the trees are going to bud again and the flowers bloom in spring. It’s part of the life cycle. More powerfully, even, is the knowing that Love is a never-ending energy. Love simply is. It never dies. You are made of love. You never die. That is the ultimate message of the Easter story, the Christ energy. Always renewing. Never dying; just transitioning.

As always, music is the healer that touches our souls. I want to share a song with you, guaranteed to lift you up!

6:06 – SONG: “Love Is” – Written & co-produced by Wood Newton & Mark Elliott. Performed here by Mark Elliott.

What’s worth the pain? Love is.
Love is a complicated mystery, this one thing is clear
As long as we keep makin’ it, it’ll never disappear
Love is the reason we’re all here

Wood Newton & Mark Elliott

Here’s Wood Newton performing “Love Is”, with acoustic guitar, in his outdoor sanctuary in Nashville for you. Complete with a percussion track from a Pileated Woodpecker & harmonies, courtesy of various birds. Amazing the way that worked out!

You’ll find the lyrics to “Love Is” at the bottom of this post.
Learn more about artist, songwriter Mark Elliott –

If you’ve been listening to the Naked Vibes Show for a while, you may know that Wood is my uncle and a Grammy-winning Nashville songwriter. You’ll also find an episode of a full conversation and more music with Wood here.

Another song I think you’ll enjoy is “Believe”.

10:25 – SONG: “Believe” – Written & performed by Kelly Brown, aka Local Honey, with guitarist Rhett Butler. You’ll find conversation & more music from both Kelly and Rhett in these individual episodes.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the fact that Love never dies is really Good News!

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear.

1 John 4:18

So, whatever you celebrate – be it Easter, Passover, Spring, or anything else – just be sure you continue to celebrate, even in this trying time.

Take care.



Love Is

What’s worth the trouble what’s worth the pain

What’s worth driving yourself insane
Oh love is… oh love is

What’s the use in trying when nothing seems to work
What’s the use in crying when even the crying hurts
Oh love is… oh love is

Oh Love is… the reason we are all here
Oh love is… a complicated mystery
But this one thing is clear
As long As we keep making it, it’ll never disappear
Oh Love is… oh love is

Everyone has questions everyone has doubts
Searching for the answers only to find out
love is… oh love is

Everybody wants to get it right or wrong
And what’s left behind when we’re dead and gone
Oh love is… oh love is

Oh Love is… the reason we are all here
Oh love is… a complicated mystery
But this one thing is clear
As long As we keep giving it, it’ll never disappear
Oh Love is… oh love is

Writers: Mark Elliott / Wood Newton
Mark Elliott Music, BMI / Rope A Note Music, BMI. C04/08/2019

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  2. Welcome back! What a pleasant surprise I had as I caught up on my e-mails!
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